Pommard & Volnay Tasting

Private wine tasting class

3 hours dedicated to the 2 villages Pommard & Volnay

Discover Pommard and Volnay, two charming villages with prestigious wines, located only a few kilometres south of Beaune. These two AOC wines share a common point: they produce only red wines.
These two wines have developed a tenacious reputation. Pommard is often described as a powerful wine while Volnay is usually described as a more elegant wine. This is what we propose to verify, or not...
After a drive through the vineyards of Pommard and Volnay, we stop for a landscape reading. On our return to Beaune, we propose a comparative tasting of 5 Pommard / Pommard 1er cru and 5 Volnay / Volnay 1er cru.

Depart Beaune aboard our Jeep Wrangler (4x4). We drive through the villages Pommard and Volnay with a stop for a landscape reading. Back to Beaune for the tasting.

The techniques of tasting: visual, olfactory and gustative examination

Blind tasting (covered labels) of 10 red wines. The tasted wines come from Pommard & Volnay with a selection of 2 “village” appellations and 8 “1er cru”

Example : vintages, plots may vary during the season
  • Pommard « en Bœuf » 2019
  • Pommard 1er cru les Charmots 2020
  • Pommard 1er cru Rugiens 2019
  • Pommard 1er cru Bertins 2018
  • Pommard 1er cru Pézerolles 2010
  • Volnay « les Pasquiers » 2018
  • Volnay 1er cru Taillepieds 2019
  • Volnay 1er cru Aussy 2017
  • Volnay 1er cru Clos des Santenots 2015
  • Volnay 1er cru Clos des Chênes 2011

- On appointment. Sunday to Friday. Duration: around 3 hours

150 € per person
2 people minimum – 3 people maximum
The wine Pommard "en Boeuf" 2019 from winery Eric Boigelot is one of the 10 wines tasted during this class "Pommard & Volnay Tasting".
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