Tasting Room Hôtel de Rouvray

Oak and Tradition

The tasting room Hôtel de Rouvray, between oak and tradition

Jean-Baptiste Ganiare, Baron de Joursanvault lived here, in Beaune during the 18th century. His family owned some land in Rouvray for centuries, even a 13th century castle. Rouvray is located around 20 kilometers from Beaune. That’s why he named this mansion “Hôtel de Rouvray”. We decided as well to name our tasting room “Hôtel de Rouvray”.

You open the door and you discover a rectangular room with a superb “parquet en echelle”. Front of you, an oval oak table stays right in the midlle of the room. 8 people can sit around and participate to a wine tasting class. The table itself reminds you wine making process with its 4 legs representing press screw. This table was created by a local joiner, Gérard Terrand, who is a wine lover.

To taste with ideal conditions, It’s equipped with an illuminated zone for observing and comparing the colour of the red wines and white wines you will taste during your class.

A LCD screen is on the wall with several supports: maps, aromas, tasting description... It will help you during the class to improve your way to describe wine.

The chandelier on the ceiling is created by Label Ouvrage which used a metal circle of barrel. On the wall, the local artist Ricol exposed 3 paintings.
The tasting room Hôtel de Rouvray at Sensation Vin can receive 8 people around the oak table.
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